Learn More About The Jerry Ulm 24 Hour Truck Center

Whatever you need, whenever you need. Located two blocks from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, the Jerry Ulm 24 hour truck center is here for you. Enjoy a separate, Express Service Facility for fast, time-saving maintenance and immediate assistance from our experienced workers.

Our 24-hour truck center is equipped with knowledgeable technicians, the latest cutting-edge technology, and quick speed to make your repair as seamless as possible.

At Jerry Ulm, we take pride in the fact that we know our trucks are used for work. When your truck stops running- it means that your business can too. We support our local Tampa businesses and want to see you and your truck running. This is why we now have a 24 Hour Truck Center dedicated to keeping you and your business running. You can drop off anywhere between 7am to 6pm and pick up the next morning. If you have an emergency after our typical drop-off hours, you can text 727-222-2291 and ask for Wes.